When it comes to cleaning your office, what exactly strikes your mind first? Floor cleaning, isn’t? It’s the floor that seeks the first attention of the visitor when they step into the office. Hence keeping the floor clean, fresh, and shiny, should always be the major job.

Be it is your office or residential building, floor cleaning services are classified into multiple categories. And this basically, depends upon the type of floor used in the building. For example, whether it is a wooden floor, waxable floor, or anything else. And that’s the reason why residential or Office cleaning companies Melbourne are much in demand nowadays.

Are you ready to learn about such varieties in services? Let’s talk about them in detail.

3 Assorted Types Of Office Floor Cleaning Services In The Market

  1. Strip and Wax Service: It is often said that the strip and wax service is designed for the waxable floors. Its delicacy in creating a bright, shining, and luxurious floors are beyond the expectation to all.

    Strip and wax service is widely used for the floors that require a grand result. For example, grand hotels with their luxurious doorstep! Similarly, the companies highlighted with dignity often require this type of service to generate a lasting impression on the visitors.

    This strip and wax process is initialized with an application of the chemical. The chemical acts as an uncovering material that brings out the aged wax from the floor, highlighting the surface brightly. There is no specific technique for applying this material. Once the chemical is applied and kept on rest for a time period, machine scrubber is used to scrub out the floor finish and sealers.

    The cleaners after ensuring that no residue is left on the surface coat the area with new wax. After repeated application of wax with a proper resting time, the floor shines like a star.

  2. Burnishing Service: Strip and Wax can create a shining look to the floor, but to amplify its brightness, the burnishing process is done. In this process, the floor is strongly scrubbed and after repeated scrubbing and removal of wax, burnishing material is used to add high shine to the floor.

    Burnishing materials like pad coarseness, rpm rate machines, etc. are used for high-rate burnishing. To perform this process, professional cleaners are appointed. The cleaners of the office cleaning companies Melbourne thoroughly perform scrubbing and do not initiate the process unless the entire floor is devoid of wax. 

    Do you want your office floor to shine like a diamond? This process will definitely touch your heart and definitely, catch the eyes of the visitors.

  3. Auto scrubbing and Floor Scrubbing Service: As the name suggests, it is all about scrubbing the entire floor and removing the upper layer of the floor for a new appearance.

    In this process, a machine floor scrubber is used to clean the surface layer of the hard floors. Floor cleaning agents, rotating scrubbing pad, and water suction vacuum are the combined tools integrated with this scrubber. The tool has the power to penetrate the surface and bring out the hard-to-reach dirt and stains in no time.

    This particular floor cleaning technique is used on hard floors. For example, concrete floors, floors with tiles, vinyl, or more. However, they do not work on wooden floors with highly porous features.


Floor cleaning keeps the impressions high. So, would you like to have a cup of tea with one of the most prominent office cleaning companies Melbourne? That’s great if you have made your mind to hire the professional office cleaning services, instead of hiring salaried staff.

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